About the Urban Manufacturing Alliance

Formed in 2011, UMA is a coalition working towards sustaining and growing manufacturing in cities. By bringing our network of “member-practitioners” together under one roof we can:

  • develop “best practices” and exchange a set a values around sustainable and equitable economic development to support small- and mid-sized manufacturers in urban areas;
  • promote the creation of living-wage jobs in the manufacturing sector; and
  • share stories and communicate information with the public on the manufacturing renaissance taking place in cities.

Our coalition of “member-practitioners” includes those working to advance urban manufacturing: workforce and economic development non-profits; planning and economic government agencies; and elected officials, policy-makers, educators, students, makers, and established manufacturers.

UMA focuses on how land use policy, workforce development, local branding, sourcing, and equity affect manufacturers in cities. We host regional and national conferences, issue policy reports, and develop tools to replicate successful strategies, share resources, and connect our member-practitioners.

We are building a capacity to grow maker-manufacturing ecosystems in cities and, above all, to give voice to urban manufacturing.