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By sharing best practices through toolkits, webinars, policy reports and mapping, the Local Branding CoP seeks to elevate and expand the already booming maker and localism movements happening in cities nationally, including robust local brands like SFMade, Made in NYC, Portland Made and Cincinnati Made.  

UMA Toolkits, Resources, & Initiatives

How to Develop a Locally Made Brand Platform” Toolkit

This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide for cities interested in leveraging their place-based identity to grow sales and develop export markets for their local manufacturers. This toolkits largely draws on the experience of SFMade, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, that in three short years has developed a successful business-to-consumer locally-made brand platform that has elevated awareness and sales for San Francisco’s local manufacturers.

UMA Event Recordings

Hangout: “Best Practices for Local Brands around the Holidays.” We were joined by members of eight Local Brands who discussed what they did to support their local makers during the holiday season. The session was not recorded, but you can view our Report Out here.

Webinar: “Making the Model: Organizational Structures for Local Branding Platforms,” by Christine Hanna of Seattle Made, DW Ferrell of Made in Long Beach, and Matt Anthony of Cincinnati Made. Facilitated by Kelley Roy of Portland Made.

Webinar: “Building Partnerships with Local Government,” featuring Noreen O’Loughlin and Adam Friedman of Made in NYC and Raj Aggarwal and Morgan West of Made in DC.Facilitated by Kelley Roy of Portland Made and Matt Anthony of Cincinnati Made. View the presentation here.

Webinar: “How to Form a Strategic Alliance with a Manufacturing Extension Partnership,” by Bill Browne of Manex Consulting and Kate Sofis of SFMade

Video: “Characterizing the nature of manufacturing in a modern urban context,” by Steve Charters, Co-founder and Research Coordinator, and Jill Merriman, Co-founder and Program Coordinator, Made In Montreal

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