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The Equity CoP will work with member-practitioners to develop best practices around promoting equity – just and fair inclusion – in all aspects of urban manufacturing.

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Equitable Innovation Economies Initiative

Prototyping Equity Report

UMA Event Recordings

Webinar: “Advancing Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Business Growth in Urban Manufacturing: Lessons from Portland and Cincinnati,” featuring Katherine Krajnak, Portland Development Commission, and Darrin Redus, Cincinnati’s Minority Business Accelerator. Facilitated by Tracy Gray of The 22 Capital Group. You can view the program’s slides here and read our Webinar Takeaways here.

Webinar: “Equity and Inclusion in Urban Manufacturing,” featuring Tanu Kumar of Pratt Center and Victor Rubin and Chris Schildt of PolicyLink; facilitated by Michelle Thong, City of San Jose. You can view the Equity and Innovation slides.

UMA Member Publications

Op-Ed: “Address opportunity gap for urban poor,” by Bill Taft, Executive Director of LISC Indianapolis

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