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UMA membership is open to individual “practitioners,” or people working to advance the urban manufacturing ecosystem in their local community or at a State or National scale.

A practitioner of urban manufacturing:

  • creates and implements solutions that improve the viability of urban manufacturing as a whole in their cities;
  • leverages solutions across disciplines, including workforce development, design, engineering, economic development, real estate and land use planning, business, public policy, and the private sector; and
  • represents economic and workforce development non-profits, government agencies including elected officials such as Mayor’s, educational institutions, manufacturing/industry groups, policy organizations, and local business and community leaders.

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Our member-practitioners have access to:

To become a member-practitioner, individuals agree to:

  • Attend, promote, and participate in our learning and professional networking opportunities as it relates to their work;
  • Share best practices, solutions, and tools with other members, and the general public; and
  • Not sell any products or services to other members while participating in any UMA-sponsored events or through any UMA-related channels (such as social media).

If you are a practitioner working in the trenches of urban manufacturing and want to join our network of experts, apply today!

To become a UMA Member, you must fill out the following application:

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