Innovation and equity in Pittsburgh

AlphaLab Gear, a hardware accelerator program based in Pittsburgh, provides seed capital, mentorship, training, and office space to cohorts of eight to 10 companies, over a period of 40 weeks. They focus on hardware companies, “that have a tangible, manufactured product that may or may not have a software component.”

Ilana Diamond, who leads the AlphaLab Gear program for InnovationWorks (AlphaLab Gear’s parent organization), says she wants to “increase the diversity of entrepreneurs and increase the number of people who see entrepreneurship as a career.” Through partnerships with TechShop and InnovationWorks, AlphaLab Gear can supports entrepreneurs bringing products from prototyping to market.

InnovationWorks, through AlphaLab Gear, has invested more than $62.1 million in 200 startups, attracting $1.6 billion in follow-on capital to the Pittsburgh region since establishing its seed capital fund in 1999.

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