Innovation in Chattanooga

Brookings’ Centennial Scholar Bruce Katz has proclaimed “something special is happening in Chattanooga….A recent visit convinces me that U.S. cities—particularly small and medium-sized ones—can take multiple paths to unleashing their distinct innovative economies.”

Chattanooga’s “innovation district“‘s main claim to fame is its 1-gigabit-per-second fiber internet service, which is now “the fastest, cheapest, most pervasive internet in the Western Hemisphere,” according to Mayor Andy Berke.

In addition to being “Gig City”, Katz says “Chattanooga has built strategically on three critical assets—quality place making, unusual anchor institutions, and a highly collaborative innovation ecosystem.” Even President Obama has recently hailed the city as a “tornado of innovation“.

Read more about those assets and why they are making Chattanooga “a community committed to not just to innovation but inclusion.”