Land Use Policy and Real Estate Development

Land Use Policy and Real Estate Development Resources

The Land Use Policy and Real Estate Development CoP will work with member-practitioners to to provide best practices and resources for topics around land use, including real estate development, mixed-use planning, and zoning.

UMA Toolkits, Resources, & Initiatives

Non-Profit Real Estate Development” Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to help manufacturers and developers understand each other so they can better identify and pursue opportunities to work together. The toolkit also aims to inform state, local, and federal government actors on the particular challenges that urban manufacturers face in securing the space they need. Lastly, it promotes the development of policy and financing tools that can lower some of the barriers to nonprofit industrial development that now impede the growth of vibrant, diverse, and stable industrial communities.

Industrial Revenue Bonds Policy Brief and Presentation

UMA Event Recordings

Webinar: “How to Retain Maker and Manufacturer Industries through Creative Zoning Tools: Lessons from Indianapolis, Nashville, and Somerville,” featuring Tammara Tracy from the City of Indianapolis; Brian Phelps from Hawkins Partners in Nashville; and George Proakis from the City of Somerville; facilitated by Ilana Preuss of Recast City and Leah Archibald of Evergreen. Download the presentation here. December 2016. Our Webinar Report Out can be found here.

Webinar: “Breweries and Downtown Redevelopment: A Case Study of Cincinnati’s Brewery District and Rhinegeist Brewery,” facilitated by Ilana Preuss of Recast City and featuring Steven Hampton of The Brewery District Urban Redevelopment Corporation and Bryant Goulding of Rhinegest Brewery. Download the presentation here.

Webinar: “A Tale of Non-Profit Development in Two Cities: San Francisco and Indianapolis,” facilitated by UMA Board Director Michael Cooper and featuring Abbie Wertheim of SFMade and UMA Board Director Eric Strickland of Riley Area Development Corporation

Webinar: “Non-Profit Real Estate Development Presentation“, by Joan Byron formerly of the Pratt Center for Community Development

Webinar: “Industrial Revenue Bonds Presentation,” by the Pratt Center for Community Development

Presentation: “Economic Development and the Manufacturing Ecosystem,” by Nancey Green Leigh, Professor of City and Regional Planning Georgia Institute of Technology about what the manufacturing ecosystem is, and what needs to be in place in terms of zoning, land use, capital and policy to help that ecosystem thrive

Presentation: “The Lower Schuylkill Masterplan,” by Michael Cooper, former Assistant Vice President, Market Development, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, describes the plans for redevelopment of a 4,000 acre section of Southwest Philadelphia to satisfy both the environmental and economic needs of a growing industrial economy

Presentation: “Policy networks and overcoming brownfield barriers to urban manufacturing,” by Nathaniel Hoelzel, School of City and Regional Planning Georgia Institute of Technology, on the presence of brownfields and their impacts in inner-city neighborhoods

Presentation: “Indianapolis and Industrial Reuse,” by Rachel McIntosh, Fmr Senior Program Officer, LISC Indianapolis & Joe Bowling, Englewood Community Development Corporation, on the expansion of their neighborhood redevelopment efforts

UMA Member Publications

Brownfield Policy Implications for Strengthening Urban Manufacturing,” published by the Georgia Institute of Technology

The Lower Schuylkill Master Plan for the City of Philadelphia,” published by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation

Brooklyn Navy Yard: An Analysis of Its Economic Impact and Opportunities for Replication,” by the Pratt Center for Community Development

Sustainable Industrial Development,” published by the Georgia Institute of Technology

Outside Resources

An Industrial Land and Market Study for the City of Philadelphia,” published by the City of Philadelphia

“The Manufacturing Growth Strategy for Philadelphia (2013) and an Annual Update (2015),” published by the City of Philadelphia

Friedman Study Evaluation for Proposed Rezoning,” published by SB Friedman Development Advisors

Non-profit Development Case Studies: PlaceMade and Hundred Hooper