Renewing vacant industrial properties

In NextCity’s story “Can Detroit’s Vacant Factories Become Community Assets?”, author Matthew Lewis shares multiple examples of large vacant industrial spaces finding new life as successful mixed-use projects.

With 6.1 square miles of vacant industrial property in the city (that’s about 4.3 percent of the city’s entire landmass), there are plentiful opportunities to renew former industrial sites in Detroit. Lewis shares examples in Pittsburgh and Rotterdam, where public-private partnerships led the way to new collaborations in the Energy Innovation Center and Research, Design and Manufacturing (RDM) Campus, respectively.

With developers working on a number of sites in Detroit already, the potential for new development is great: “We have a window of opportunity with these buildings,” said Dan Kinkead, Director of Projects for Detroit Future City. “They’re in areas with accommodating zoning and they’re tied to big systems. It’s time to think differently about what these spaces can be.”